1-Shot! is photographic based fun and games for all ages - kids, mum, dad, in fact the whole family can join in!  

  • Starting on Monday 23rd March and each Monday, I will post      1-SHOT! (one of my photographs) taken from around the world followed by activities linked to the photo.  Each 1-SHOT will be posted in the morning by 12 noon on Facebook and on my website.  

  • Click on the 'Activities' links on this page to access the weekly activities and 'Gallery' to see what others have done.

  • All the activities can be done at home.  You can do them on your own but you might find they are more fun with someone else!  Why not get the whole family to try them and then share the results!

  • First, find the photo and its title on my website www.richardhumphreyphotography.com - usually in the ‘Galleries’.  Not the Gallery link on this page!  That’s the first activity done - a bit of on-line research!

  • Then, once you’ve done that, complete the quizzes, play the games, crack the brain teasers, create the artwork, construct the models, solve the puzzles and complete the 1-SHOT! challenge.

  • Each activity has a number after it.  This is the number of points you can claim once you’ve had a good go at completing it.  You don’t have to get everything right - just do your best and don’t give up too soon!  

  • How many points can you get for each set of 1-SHOT! activities?  Can you get all the points and be a 1-SHOT! superhero?

  • The answers will be published when the next 1-SHOT! is posted - the following Monday.

  • Why not share what you’ve done with others?  Remember - you must get permission first!

  • You never know, some of your work might end up on the 1-SHOT! gallery on this website!  

  • Just e-mail it to me using info@richardhumphreyphotgraphy.com.

If you have any queries contact me here.


      1-SHOT! - get busy, have fun  




I am a fully qualified teacher of nearly 30 years, 14 of which I have been a headteacher.  I have an enhanced DBS check.

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Have a practice and find the titles of these pictures which are the website somewhere!

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