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Drone charges

The charges for drone services are straight forward and simple to understand.  

They are based on the time taken to complete the project and you will find them extremely competitive.

What do the charges include?

  • Initial meeting and agreement of the project.

  • Site survey and planning.

  • All paperwork, risk assessments and necessary preparation.

  • On-site photography with client involvement where applicable.

  • First stage processing of images and initial viewing.

  • Final processing of chosen images.

  • The final digital images (prints at additional cost).

  • Travel up to 20 miles round trip - 45p/mile thereafter (HMRC recommended)

What does the client receive?

  • All images - the number of images is not limited.  The client receives all the suitable images taken during the project.

  • The client will also receive a number of selected images fully edited.

  • The video processed and edited as agreed.


 In what format are the images?

  • All images after the first process are high resolution jpeg files.

  • Specific images chosen for editing are large, high resolution jpegs e.g. cropping, exposure, lighting, cloning etc.

  • Copies of the final images are also processed at a size suitable for digital sharing e.g. websites, social media etc. 

  • All images as RAW files if requested.

Please note that these prices are as a guide only and for standard processing and editing.  If additional detailed editing is required or the project is complex in nature, then extra time costs may be applied.

*Special low charge

A small, simple project or on a budget?

In some cases, a much lower charge of £120 may be possible. This is when the project is extremely straight forward, very little planning and preparation is necessary and only one or two images with minimal processing and editing are required.  Please ask if you think your project may fit this option.  

Please do get in touch here to discuss your options and receive a quote.

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