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Photography Services

I offer a range of photographic services from business projects to portraits and drone images to workshops.  


As you will see, I enjoy and concentrate more on creative photography and love the challenge of capturing the right mood and feel the client is looking for.

I take time to find out about the client's needs and priorities, forging good working relationships which ultimately lead to a satisfied customer and photographer!

Please make contact to find out how I can support your business or personal requirements.


Local and community customers are particularly encouraged to get in touch.


The cost of my photographic services depend very much on the client's needs, license requirements, use of images, time, travel, processing, equipment etc etc.  No two jobs are alike!

However, if you click on the service you are interested in, you will find further information about prices and requesting a quote.

I would love to discuss any interest you have in my services and hope to be able to offer you a value for money quote without compromising on quality.

Gift Vouchers

Personalised gift vouchers are available for any of my services including portraiture and tuition - just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

'Richard's photographic expertise not only encapsulated the sheer beauty and brilliance of this most wonderful school building but also the heart within the school and it's vision of excellence. Thank you Richard, from the team here at St White's Primary School.'  

'Richard was a delight to work with.' 

'He is creative, enthusiastic and great fun to work with but at the same time has a quiet, peaceful persona that puts you at total ease. A joy to work with.'

'If you are considering making an investment in you and your work then consider no more. Go ahead

and take the plunge. It will be well worth it.'

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Silver Drone
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