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Drone services

I provide a wide range of aerial photography and videography services for your business, domestic and personal needs.

Amazing aerial images are created including wide panoramas, bird's eye views and low level photographs all taken at very high resolution including 4K video.

The aims are for the images to make a significant impression, have real impact and, most importantly, meet the exact needs of the client. They are not only technically excellent but include a 'wow' factor.

Each project is carefully developed and bespoke to your precise needs from single images of your home to business portfolios and website imagery to detailed building surveys.

Services include;

  • Building and land surveys,

  • Building inspections,

  • Property photography for estate agents and private home owners,

  • Images for websites and promotional literature,

  • Aerial landscape photography putting your home in its surroundings,

  • Portraits - family photoshoots from above,

  • Events such as celebrations, birthdays and weddings

  • Golf courses and,

  • Bespoke projects.

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