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The process - from start to finish

A clear understanding of the client's requirements, careful planning and on-going communication are key to the completion of a successful project.

1.  An initial discussion takes place to clarify the client's requirements and so that a quote can be prepared.

2.  Often, but not always, a site visit is necessary.  This is to ensure all health and safety risks are appraised.  Plans, sketches and mapping may also be needed which consider lighting, obstructions, access, angles of view and an action plan that establishes the optimum photographical strategy.

3.  All the necessary preparation and flight checks are made and dates are agreed for the work to take place.

4.  The photography is carried out.  For building and property photography, the client is often at hand when necessary.  This has the advantage of the images being able to be viewed as they are taken.  In this way, further photography can take place to ensure full satisfaction.

5.  In a few cases, a second visit is necessary.  This is usually at no extra cost.

6.  The images are processed for first viewing.  The chosen images are then fully edited and delivered to the client in the format agreed.

7.  Professionally produced prints are available at an extremely competitive price - see here.


Initial discussion

In the Woods

Photography & filming

Sorting Images

Plan and preparation

Computer Screen Closeup

Processing & 


Product delivered

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