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Wizeways: Emma Elliott

Hatha Yoga and  Meditation Foundation teacher, progressive coach, healer and therapist

Project - Provide a range of images for Emma's new business website

Brief - Emma wanted images that reflected her beliefs in her work and create a sense of serenity, purpose, safety and joy but also professionalism.  The images needed to be extremely well composed with the best possible use of natural light and well thought out in order to meet this brief.​

The Photography - Another very enjoyable project and happy client. Emma is a very discerning customer who wanted to portray the emotions, values and spirituality of her work in images for her website - quite a challenge!  

Working outdoors on a bright sunny day         led to difficulties with highlights, shadows and hard contrast.  However, waiting for the odd cloud to mask the sun created a lovely diffused light and selecting the right hat meant Emma's face wasn't too dark!  The indoor shots meant working in two small rooms lit by natural and artificial light.  Fill flash, reflectors and getting the white balance right post production resolved potential headaches.  The project also meant working with animals and Emma's own clients.  This was one of the most enjoyable aspects.

To get the mood of the shots right, Emma and I discussed the meaning and purpose of her work, she immersed herself in the moment rather than just posing and I took time to explain the photography as we went along. The animals just did their thing!

'Amazing sums it up. This whole process has been engaging, enlightening and self affirming. I have always known that what I do is powerful and worth while for my my clients. Yet somehow, the whole process of capturing it in  photos has brought it alive in a way that I had not previously experienced. I have found the experience has been touching and deeply moving.

I am now building my website with a renewed vigour. The photos are leading the way. They provide such a clear vision of my work that my website is literally writing itself with the photos guiding me every step of the way. 

This is more than a photo shoot, it is an opportunity to explore and document what it is you do in life and in doing that, you discover your true value.'  Emma Elliott, Wizeways meditation and yoga

Exploration low4.jpg

Equipment - Canon 5d mark IV full-frame DSLR, Canon lenses EF 16-35mm L, EF 70-300mm L & EF 24-105mm L, Lee filters, Manfrotto tripod, Deewer reflectors

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