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This is a gallery that simply shows people living their lives.

I take photos of people in their daily routines rather than trying to set up perfect portraits.  In this way I find that the images are more natural and pleasing to me and places the person in their environment.  

Travel opens your eyes to how people's lives are moulded by culture, the environment, backgrounds, politics and religion.  It has helped me be more understanding, knowledgable, tolerant and less judgmental of others.  

When travelling, my wife and I try to stay in more far flung locations in an attempt to experience the real lives of people and discover the essence of a place.  We try to support local tourism and businesses which protect and preserve the country's culture, environment and wildlife.  In this respect we have stayed in some interesting accommodation, met some wonderful people and seen some amazing sights. 


Travel has also made me extremely appreciative of my own life and the opportunities I have - it can enrich you.

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