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Roberts Limbrick Architects

A multi-award winning national company

Project - St White's Primary School, Cinderford - new build for Gloucestershire County Council

Brief - To submit a portfolio of images for website, marketing and promotional literature.  The images are to show the high quality of the architecture, design and build whilst in use.

The Photography - A thoroughly enjoyable project.  My experience as a primary headteacher came into its own. Working closely with the head, (Teresa Cross), staff and children, I organised and managed the shoot creating a relaxed atmosphere. One of the challenges of this shoot was battling with the lighting. Inside there were strong shadows, highlights, daylight, artificial light and white walls.  Fill-in flash, reflectors and good camera craft helped balance the exposure.  Outside, the issue was the strong sunlight causing shadows, highlights, squinting people and the danger of lens flare. Careful exposure, filters, composure and choosing the direction of the shot, overcame these problems. Another challenge was getting the vertical and horizontal lines correct whilst using a wide angle lens.  

Equipment - Canon 5d mark IV full-frame DSLR, Canon lenses EF 16-35mm L & EF 24-105mm L, Lee filters, Manfrotto tripod

St White's Entrance-3.jpg
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