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Wildlife and Nature

I have had a keen interest in nature and birdlife from a very young age.  I enjoy being outdoors watching wildlife whether this is in wild and remote places or equally much closer to home in Gloucestershire.

I have read many times that taking good wildlife photographs is about understanding 

behaviour and habitat - over time I have realised that this is true. A good understanding of camera craft is also vital.

I find that spending time watching wildlife is not only extremely fascinating (and sometimes awe-inspiring) but also good for the soul - it really does keep me in the moment.  I have missed many potentially great photos because I have been hooked watching the drama unfold through my own eyes rather than through a lens but I have no regrets in this respect.

My wife and I have been fortunate enough to travel to some beautiful and amazing places including the Pantanal in Brazil (the world's largest wetland), the Canadian Arctic walking with Polar Bears (literally!), the Sri Lankan nature reserves, the Costa Rican rain and cloud forests and the amazing Serengeti in Tanzania.

I would like to say that I am equally thrilled watching a Great-spotted Woodpecker in the garden as I am standing 20 metres away from an enormous, male Polar Bear in the Canadian tundra, but I'm afraid I can't! 

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