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Examples of Workshop Options

Workshop A  1 to 4 hours - for beginners

Includes - know your camera, auto & creative settings, getting your photos in focus & sharp, exposure, composition, 

creativity & more.

Workshop B  1 to 4 hours - progression from Workshop A

Includes - getting off auto, understanding exposure, controlling shutter speed & aperture, settings for particular scenes, controlling depth of field & more.

Workshop C  1 to 4 hours - more advanced for the intermediate photographer

Includes - controlling focus, exposure options, shutter & aperture priority, manual control, a detailed look at composition, jpeg & RAW files, using histograms, white balance & more.

Workshop D  1 to 4 hours - over to you

Design your own workshop from the menu or any other particular area of interest.

Walking workshops  2 to 7 hours - any ability

Capture the views and scenery from your favourite walk exploring photographic skills on the way.  A little time will be spent looking at the images after the walk with some post-processing to create a collection of images to take home.

Workshop Menu

Design your own workshop and choose from the

menu below or any other topic you are interested in


  • Learn about your camera and its settings

  • Take control & get off auto

  • Using shutter speed & aperture to full effect

  • Exposure control & settings

  • Focussing techniques - get it sharp

  • Understanding white balance

  • Jpeg and RAW files

  • Workflow & storage

  • Post-processing & editing - dealing with contrast, exposure, colour cast, shadows & highlights, cloning, cropping, retouching etc

'Seeing', creativity and composition

  • How to make the most of lighting conditions

  • How to capture that view or scene

  • Characteristics of good composition

  • Lead in lines & rule of thirds

  • Focal points & foreground interest

  • Shape & pattern


  • Landscape 

  • People & portraiture

  • Flowers & gardens

  • Wildlife & nature

  • Animals & pets

  • The urban landscape

  • Photography for business and websites

Gift Vouchers available

Gift vouchers are available for any service I offer from workshops to prints and portraiture to photoshoots. Click here.

Please note that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult or supervised at their home/garden.

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