Buildings and Architecture

I offer photoshoots of buildings and architecture for those companies wishing to show off their design and build skills to reflect the vision of the project at its best.  

Taking straight forward record shots is one thing, but dealing with shadows, highlights, converging verticals, small spaces and mixed lighting requires experience, creativity and excellent camera craft.  It's the only way to achieve correct exposure and composition. There is also often the need for some post processing to tackle the occasional snag. 

Please get in contact to discuss your requirements and request a quote.  I am sure I will be able to meet your needs.

'Richard's photographic expertise not only encapsulated the sheer beauty and brilliance of this most wonderful school building but also the heart within the school and it's vision of excellence. Thank you Richard, from the team here at St White's Primary School.'  Teresa Cross, Headteacher, St White's Primary School, Cinderford

Roberts Limbrick Architects: St White's Primary School, Cinderford 

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