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Workshops and Photo-Editing

Would you like to;

  • improve your photography?

  • know what all the buttons and dials on your camera are for?

  • make the most of your camera settings?

  • learn about composition?

  • understand why some of your shots don't seem to work?

  • receive some pre-holiday teaching?

In the past, I have benefitted enormously from one-to-one and small group workshops led by experienced photographers.  Just a short period of time of bespoke guidance and a chance to ask lots of questions improved my photography.

As a fully qualified and experienced teacher of 30 years, I am able not only to share my photographic knowledge but give guidance using a range of effective strategies to match the learner's needs.  

I offer workshops on a one-to-one basis or for two. The sessions are perfect for absolute beginners, those with some knowledge of photography and intermediate photographers.

Examples of workshop options

Workshop A  1 to 4 hours - for beginners

Workshop B  1 to 4 hours - progression from Workshop A

Ideal for those with some basic knowledge of photography and who want to take more control of their camera.


Workshop C  1 to 4 hours - more advanced for the intermediate photographer

For those who have a reasonable control over their camera settings, want to take their photography to the next level and are getting much more enthusiastic about their hobby.

Workshop D  1 to 4 hours - over to you

Design your own workshop and choose from a wide range of topics or any other area you are interested in

Walking workshops  2 to 6 hours - any ability

A very practical workshop.  Learn photography whilst on your favourite walk ending up with a collection of images that describe the scenery, landscapes, flora & fauna.

Vouchers available

Gift vouchers are available for any service I offer from workshops to prints and portraiture to photoshoots.

Examples of how your photography can improve

Focussing and sharpness

Composition and cropping

Highlights and shadows

Problematic lighting & colour conditions

Composition, structure and 'seeing'

Indoor lighting and colour cast

Exposure and contrast

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